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Random expressive lyrics

Two things first before my lyrical ranting.

1) Where is my Prince of Tennis #126?!? Come on AnimeOtakus. ;-)

2) Curtis, Anna and I were watching Dead Like Me on DVD last night... it's an interesting show, at any rate. Anyway, the best quote was in it. The main character lies about something she did, and the head grim reaper guy (you have to see it) says:

Do me a favor. Pretend a couple days have gone by, and you rethought this little lie. You're sad, repentant, 'cause you had an epiphany, grown the fuck up.

Ever wanted to say something like this to someone? "Hey, dumbass. That was the stupidest lie I've ever heard. Want to try again?" I do all the freaking time.

Anyway, some random expressive lyrics.

And again, BTW, a cookie for anyone who wants to figure out where these all come from. A big cookie if you don't use Google. ;-) you got a pretty big hint yesterday.

(and many taken out of context)

Pictures of what used to be,
lie in pieces on the floor
finds himself in an empty room,
her voice calls out to him
he opens the door, but there's no one there
no one there...

Although your words are empty,
I can hear now, what you feel inside
The night is drawing closer,
you feel you have to hide.
Your fears are never wrong or right
Everything is either black or white.

Look to the other side, reach the undefined
Curious to what she doesn't know
Step through the empty air, reveal what wasn't there
A fantasy-her looking glass world
Is it as it seems? Or just a dream within a dream

Losing faith in who I am
Never changing just rearranging my life again
Through into an eternal abyss I fall,
Silent screams through paper walls
I pray someday the sun will shine on me again

Lost evermore the essence of truth,
although she tried in vein to bring us peace,
it will ever rest in our hands.
We've cried a thousand tears for all we had,
and all the things we could have been,
we must find our way again.

Looking out on a blue sky
I can see a new world arising
Like a prisoner unbound
I feel the power and the majesty again
Looking up to the heavens
I can see what I left behind
Beneath the stars, moon and warm sun
And all I know is my paradise has begun.

Peace outside.

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