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College... -_- [Sep. 3rd, 2003|12:52 pm]
No One Really
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2 updates for the price of one... since I wasn't able to post yesterday.

But, wireless works now for me at the university... so more updates while I wait for classes

Here's update one:

So, I'm back in school... after 8 years.

I'm trying to feel it. I see all of these people, some of them excited, some of them nervous, some of them bored.

I'm trying to connect to it. I feel all of this energy, all of this presence, all of this intensity.

But all I feel right now is... really tired. And really different. And really strange. And I really hope the rest of the semester is not going to be like this.

I'm glad I have the laptop... I'm stuck in another one of those typical right-hand only desks, which only has enough room to write if you're a righty. And it is of course too small for my 300 pound bulk. So taking notes on a laptop will be really useful.

Well, here is the professor. Let's see how totally lost I am.