December 16th, 2003

Finals done...

Japanese Literature... AB going in. Take home. 10 pages. Procrastinated until the last day (of course), utterly craptastic. 50% of the grade, BC at best. Final grade approximation: B

Computer Science... A going in. 2 hours, 8ish questions. Used about 80 minutes, relatively confident... that I didn't do that well. A lot of questions I think I'll get partial credit on, although there were a lot of easy questions, too. 25% of the grade, needed a 76% to get an A. It's iffy. Final grade approximation: A or AB

Calculus... B going in. 2 hours, 9 questions, used the entire time. One word:


40% of the grade. I probably got about a 60%. Final grade approximation: C, BC if God smites the curve.

Next semester: CS240. CS367. CS368. CS520. PHY107, unless I can get into CS540. MAT234. Choir, maybe, unless I can find some 3 credit class I want to take that's CS or something. Think I have enough CS?

Anyway... I'm going to go eat sushi. Eventually. /wave
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