August 6th, 2007

DDR: A rememberance

Who knows if remeberance is even a word.

A week or so ago, I talked about listening to some DDR songs, and remembering a lot of things. I decided at that point I wanted to do kind of a free-form writing about some of my DDR memories. A lot of this sort of thing has been coming to me recently, and I wanted to write about it.

I had planned to do it this weekend, but work interferred. However, today, I'm feeling ill enough that I'm not going in to work, but well enough to lie in bed and type, so we'll try it here.

This is going to be free-form. I'm not going to be editing, I'm just going to be thinking and remembering.

All 8 mixes. 8 hours. Let's turn back the time machine, and see if I remember anything worth remembering.
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