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Time Granularity

A short update.

I've noticed that, as the years have gone by, my ability to deal with shorter quantities of time has gotten smaller.

Remember high school? 5 minutes between classes? I could be like "Ok, I can spend 90 seconds asking my teacher a question, 45 seconds walking to the bathroom, 30 seconds ... yeah..., 45 seconds walking to my locker, 5 seconds unlocking it, 15 seconds changing books, 40 seconds walking to class, 15 seconds to get in and sit down, 15 seconds getting out my stuff, and ding the bell rings."

And doing it too.

Now, I can't even think of doing any task in less than 5 minutes. I've alloted about 10 minutes to make this entry. I certainly can't think of doing it in, say, 7 minutes.

This lack of ability to work with smaller granularities of items has worked its way into other aspects of my life as well, but I can discuss that later.

So, now? I took the SAT last October, and did really well. But it still somewhat bothers me that, for example, I ran out of time on one of the math sections. I mean, WTF, it's math. I don't screw up math.

And now I'm in college... and I need to have better time management skills than I've had for a long time... it's somewhat worrisome.

In any case, college is fun. College is great. College is going to be a huge pain in my butt. But a fun, great ... pain in my butt? =)

Well, time to spend 25 minutes on calculus homework. Mata ne~

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