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Time for another Friday Morning (or maybe Thursday night) reminesce. Strangely, I think I will use the format everyone else seems to use for LJ entries, which is to say I'm just going to ramble about what happened that day.

First, I'll say this: One of my friends just let everyone know that she's going to, as she says "fuck off" for a while. I just wanted to say "good for you" and I hope that it works for you, as well as possible.

This is the sort of thing that one would expect to appear in a comment, as opposed to an entry in an LJ, but... I think people don't understand really how powerful a tool just disappearing for a while can be. As a time to recollect yourself. As a way to appreciate others. However you use the tool, it's there, and it's powerful.

Second: Restless Warrior has won the cookie. Wuwu~ to him. Perhaps I'll make this a tradition. We'll see. Unfortunately, I think all this means is that RW would win a lot of cookies. But... we'll see.


So yesterday Dylan and I went to Chicago. Almost entirely spontaneous (a day or so), and entirely fun. Well, at least for me, I only speak for myself.

The day began with work, which was mildly uneventful, although I find myself slipping very slowly and very subtly behind. This will be remedied, but... it's somewhat disconcerting for now. I don't like being behind. And this is happening in... well, I get ahead of myself.

School followed. CS, as always, very easy. Calculus Discussion, however, we had a quiz. I'm praying to the gods of partial credit on this one... it's painfully obvious that I need to work on my memorization of random formulas. As such, I was stuck in the spot of knowing exactly what I needed to do to solve the problem, and not having the tools to do it... no cheat sheets on homework quizzes.

So, of course, I made it up. And looking it up later, found I was wrong. So we'll see how that goes.

I wish I still had my old calculus flash cards. Those suckers were amazing, and I no longer have the tools to put them together the same way. The book I have does not list tables of derivatives, just integrals, and it's not necessarily trivial getting the forms I want in reverse.

Or maybe it's not trivial because I just don't know the stuff. Well, this will be remedied.

After the quiz, I met Dylan downtown, after a little finagling. We dropped by my house, picked up my "vat o' change", and went to the bank.

In the interest of lengthening this LJ entry, I will explain the ritual of the "vat o' change". I'm sure a lot of people do this, but... I have a change tub. I do not
ever spend change (unless it's required at an arcade, say, where I can't just spend dollars). Instead, I put it all in this vat. When the vat fills up, I cash it in and splurge on something, regardless of whatever other monetary needs I have.

So, yesterday, my vat came out to $240, 5 SVGL tokens, 3 Namco Tokens, a canadian nickel, and a small to large headphone adapter. o_O

I have no idea how the headphone adapter got in there. I swear.

First stop, Mitsuwa, where of course I am obligated to spend far too much money on CDs. I did avoid the manga section this time, however. I picked up the Final Fantasy Tactics OSV finally, some soundtrack called Final Fantasy Unlimited, which looked interesting but I have not listened to yet, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles OSC, which I will not be able to listen to for a few months, since the game is not out yet and it's the fest game this year I think. (BTW, xtalcy, you are such a cheater. ;'''( )

We also picked up some lunch, which for Dylan consisted of some sushi, and for me consisted of some sushi I didn't end up eating, because the Gyudon I got was quite yummy. The Okonomiyaki (it's alive!!) was not so yummy, and so it was also mostly discarded.

During lunch, some random person comes up to ask Dylan if he has a dog locked in his car dying, to which he says no. This did turn out to be true, thankfully. A random dead dog would have put quite the damper on the day... as well as probably the dog. o_O

Afterwards, we went to Super Just Games, after some interesting experiences with Windows Media Player and CD burning (DIE, WMP, DIE). Super Just Games (or is it Fun Nickels or something now? I don't know) has received quite an upgrade in its bemani selection. There is an 8th mix machine in reasonable condition (except for a... cracked arrow? o_O), a Beatmania 6th mix UK underground thingy, and a DanceManiaX 2nd.

I've discovered that I now suck at DDR.
I've discovered that I still suck at Beatmania.
I've discovered that I'm still very good at DanceManiaX. Well, at least I'm still very good at beating my hands against the sensors. I'm not so good at actually passing songs.

So, we played there for several hours, finishing off with the ritual game of Track and Field, where we both failed on the 110m hurdles, as it should be. No Puzzloop, however.

After this we made the last stop on the tour for the day, which was Gameworks. The DDR machine there is in acceptable shape... got 3 greats on Pop 4. (Ok, fine, maybe I don't exactly "suck"...), and did a couple sets before getting far too tired to play any more. Well, I should amend this... the 8th mix is in acceptable shape. The USA machine (which Dylan and I tried to do an "old school" set on) sucks. As I've said before, in other forums... I do not fail Paranoia KCET. It just does not happen. Unless 2 arrows are broken and I walk off the machine in disgust.

They also have a guitar freaks USA there, which is fine except that the right side (which I happened to be on) was missing two buttons. So, in order to hit the keys, I had to stick my finger inside and press on this really sharp button thing. Somehow I still managed to pass some stuff.

We also played Air Hockey IIDX or whatever it's called, where it automatically serves for you and sometimes ejects up to three pucks at once (15-14, baybee!), some football ball throwing game (13-12, baybee!) and what I call "the insane bowling game from the Metreon" (which I lost twice, baybee!). The bowling game is kind of neat. You roll this big bowling ball/track ball controller thing to control a ball you roll down a lane. Which sounds boring, until you realize that one of the lanes is hills in San Francisco. Which is sort of surreal and fun.

After that, we left, got back on the tollway ("I'm on this road for half a mile and you make me pay a fucking toll? What the hell?"), got some food at Wendy's (yay messing up simple orders), and went home. Thankfully, no Calculus lecture this morning. =)

Today, thankfully, is a short day at work. As is tomorrow. And then I have Saturday off. What will I do with it? Only time can tell.

Time for some more "lyrics-I'm-thinking-about" trivia. Another cookie to the winner. One of these is tricky.

"The most difficult thing I've ever tried to do is to clear the mind"

"I'm in the mood for dancing, romancing, ooo giving it all tonight
I'm in the mood for chancing, feel like dancing, ooo so come on and hold me tight"

"We are young,
wandering the face of the Earth.
Wondering what our dreams might be worth.
Learning that we're only immortal
for a limited time.

"Or am I standing still?
Beneath the darkened sky
Or am I standing still?
With the scenery flying by
Or am I standing still?
Out of the corner of my eye
was that you passing me by?"

"Gotta tell my friends I'm getting out of this town
Got to pack my bags and bring the wagon around
Moving out to the mountain the sky and the trees
Moving out where nobody want to see(?) anyone
and nobody's bugging me"

It's really amazing the things you can pull out of the lyrics of a song when you remove them from the context of the song, isn't it?

Anyway, another update... sometime. I should really point my homepage at this, shouldn't I? o_O

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