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So, I had two choices, I could either decide to not pay attention to the matrix algebra lecture while in class, or not pay attention to it while eating sushi...

You tell me which won. ;-)

Classes so far are actually kind of interesting. Although so far a good deal of it is review, I can tell I'm going to enjoy most of the subjects. Let's go through them...

CS539 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic: The professor doesn't speak the best English, but he's at least reasonably funny and seems to know what he's talking about. So far, my only problem (and a small one) is the math. I'm learning that I'm not actually that good at math.

Half my list is probably saying "huh?" at this point. I've been kind of thinking it over, and... I'm realizing that most of my problems so far in higher level courses is that I haven't really learned to think. I'm smart enough that, in classes up until now, the chunks of knowledge that I've gathered in class are small enough that I just sort of digest them whole, without having to "chew" them, so to speak. The professor will say something, and then explain it in small steps, "chewing" it for me (maybe you'd prefer cutting it up)... but I don't learn how to think on my own this way. I'm just digesting the knowledge.

But when I get presented with

I go "Nope! Can't read it!" So far, no worries... I doubt very many people just "read" formulae like this. (Maybe dr4b will information me. ;-) )

The problem is... when I go "Can't read it!", so far I've been trained to wait for the professor to start explaining it step by step. I mean, I don't understand it, no one else does either... but now... they might not. They might expect that I start to reason it out on my own. And... I have the tools to do it... I can read each symbol individually and piece it together... but I've never really used them.

I ran into this problem in Theory of CS last year. "Fortunately", I got bailed out a little bit by the people in my study group. This semester, I'm on my own. There's no one in the classes I know, and I really don't have the time (or frankly the inclination) to start/join a study group. I'd rather get it on my own. So, guess I'd better get cracking on it!

The professor also comes up with all these weird quotes...

"Matrix is like a hamburger, you have to live with it"
- With regard to having to deal with math in ECE539

"It's like your foot itch but you can only scratch outside your boot, it doesn't help much does it?"
- With regard to trying to fix error between your function and the model, when you have error in the observation of the model

CS540 Artificial Intelligence: Seems like it will be interesting, but so far it's all review. The professor's English is bearable, and his examples seem apt. We'll have to see in later lectures... so far, it's all like "I heard about Breadth-First se 0 and 367 and ..."

Math 340 Matrix and Linear Algebra: Well, I'm skipping it. ;-) So far, it's unbearably slow, the professor's English is difficult to understand, and he assigns way too many homework problems. *sigh* I'm so lazy. ^_^;

Philosophy 101: It's either going to be really fun, or really boring, I don't know yet. I did take it as my "squash" course for the semester, however, so I get what I pay for. It seems like the things that he plans to discuss are things I've already thought about or discussed with others at length, but I'm hoping there will be some interesting discussion. There's been some already... I think I'll enjoy it. Just better get the A. ^_^

So, that's the semester so far.


An aside. I can't possibly do any good by saying this, but when has that ever stopped me from saying anything?

People are going to express their opinions about things. People may be more or less informed about what they're talking about, but this doesn't stop people, nor should it. People are free (and should be!) to say whatever they want about whatever they want. Your choice is whether to read it or not, and what to do about it if you read it or don't.

Of course, this is a touch circular, isn't it? Well, it would be if I were angry about anything people had said. But I'm not. I just don't want people to get angry at each other for expressing opinions. Gain what you want from it, and ignore the rest.

Anyway. Done. Hope you're all having good semesters/falls/months, whatever.

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