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I'm bored.

I'm also amused that this autosaved a draft after I'd typed like, 3 characters.

YES LIVEJOURNAL, "I'm" is VERY difficult to type.

Well, I guess it could be.

So, here I sit, listening to Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and trying to decide who I should apply it to. I definitely have some candidates today.

Me, I'm failing the test that stumped them all, although not in the same terms as the song.

So much I'd like to talk about, and so little I can say online.

So someone save me. Come online and play me in literati. Or call me and go out for sushi. Before I try half-heartedly to beat the arena mode on Bookworm Adventures 20 more times.

Damn stuns. You build an 8 letter word and "stunlock die lolz nub"

Anyone? Please?

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