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I hate bad sports.

(Warning: There is some angry swearing in this post. Be warned.)

Went to the Madison, WI Gamestop pokemon tournament today (I'm saying where for a reason, wait a moment). Short version is that I won, and Toz took 3rd, losing to me in the semi-finals. We got the shirt we wanted, and the person in 2nd place got the Pokemon Battle Revolution game they wanted (we traded). There were 14 people, so we got to play a fair amount of good matches, it was a fun time. (The best moment, for any actual pokemon players out there, was in the first round, a Mewtwo OHKOed an Articuno with a Me First Sheer Cold. Purely hysterical)


I hate bad sports.

There was this pretty cool woman there who was playing in the tournament. Toz and I had a decent discussion with her afterwards. Her opponent for a round was, well, a stereotypical scrub.

Now, you may not agree with what Sirlin has to say about games, and although I agree with him, I can agree to disagree. But there are two things I insist on.

1) If you are in a tournament, and the rules for the tournament are set, then you should do anything within the boundaries of the tournament rules to win. This does not include unsportsmanlike conduct (I don't advocate kick people in the shins), but this does include anything that's in the game. The way you play on your own time is your own business.

2) If you lose, you should be a good sport.

This person, who called himself "Batabii", I believe, had all kinds of things to say about the way people were playing in the tournament. Mostly, he was calling things cheap. Using ubers was cheap (even though it was allowed in the tournament). Using certain items was cheap (even though they were were allowed in the tournament.) Any kind of serious tactics was cheap. Other pokemon's nicknames were stupid, even though he had pokemon named (I kid you not:) "Over 9000" and "UrTheMnNow" (on a dog.) You get the idea.

Anyway, so this woman and Batabii were playing. And it was a pretty close match. She wasn't using ubers, but was using really well raised pokemon. It was kind of back and forth.

One of her pokemon (maybe two?) had the "Quick Claw" item, which means that with some probability (maybe 25%? Maybe less?) your pokemon acts first, regardless of speed. Well, in one 6 turn stretch, it went off 4 times, and this turned the tide of the battle. The whole time, this guy is going on and on about how cheap it is that this item is going off multiple times, and he'd be wasting her if it weren't.

So, anyway, the match ends, and she wins, and turns and shakes his hand. "Good game," she says.

"Bad game," he whines, turning his head.


Thank goodness she comes back with "maybe for you." I, personally, would have added "fucker" on the end of it. (well, maybe not, there were a lot of children present.)

Anyway, other than the worthless asshole scrub, the tournament was a lot of fun. Met cool people, got introduced to a (I kid you not) pokemon radio station, Toz got the t-shirt she wanted, and I got to play a lot of interesting matches.

I just hope that the 10 or so kids there took away the lesson of good sportsmanship, and not... well, some other lesson.

I just hope some day he googles his name, and I got it right and it brings him here, and he gets to read this:

"Play like a scrub if you want, but don't be a fucking asshole when you lose."

End of story.

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