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Paranoia. Does anyone remember when this was the hardest song in DDR? It seems almost surreal at this point. I'm back to my pre-DDR weight, and I could probably still do this song on Maniac.

But, "hey, heyhey, heyheyhey".

It was also amazing how, once you reached a certain level of skill, you had to do this song every time you played. I don't really understand it now, but it made sense to me at the time. PARANOIA!

I think part of it has to do with how US 1st mix was set up. You couldn't play all the songs right away, and of course you could only play paranoia last. I was so happy when I actually passed it for the first time.

And, of course... Butterfly. How could anyone forget butterfly?

I failed that song like, 20 or so times when I was first playing. 20 seets of HYNBM, Boom Boom Dollar, and Butterfly. "GO BACK TO YOUR MOMMA!", then try again.

At malibu. Malibu was amazingly clean for an arcade, at least to me. Definitely not like SVGL, although SVGL definitely had its own charm. I'm sure I'll talk about that more later.

I met Cynan for the first time at Malibu, back when I still couldn't pass Butterfly, and he could pass everything. Well, maybe not, but it sure seemed like it at the time. This was back when the concept of "turning" was waaaaaay beyond me.

I don't really know why Cynan and Bryant were at Malibu in the first place. Well, yes, I do... they were being "amsabors" ... and they were good at it.

1st mix only had a very few songs on it, so a lot of these 2nd mix songs don't really have an impact on me, except for the ones that were in US Mix, like "Boys." Boys was my first AAA, on Basic, at yet another malibu games, in Georgia this time. I was playing with Daihakusei/Kaoru Miki. I think after a while we got together pretty much every Saturday. I would take the bus out to the farthest possible bus stop in Atlanta, and then walk the 3 miles to the Malibu games in order to play DDR.

I was, uh, significantly more hardcore then.

I haven't really played DDR in years. Oh, sure, I've played a few games, but I haven't wanted to play, really. It's kind of puzzling to me why that is. I've thought for a long time that it's because the game isn't as challenging anymore, but that's pretty much bullshit. I haven't been at the pinnacle of the game since 5th mix. I didn't pass Max 300 during 6th mix, and the game has accelerated away from me since.

I think it will become obvious as I write this why I haven't played in a while.

DDR has always amazed me with its remixes of songs. And not necessarily amazed me in a good way. It's funny, but I play DDR soundtracks for people, and they're like "how the hell can you listen to this? You listen to stuff like Dream Theater, stuff that's super technical and complex, and here you are listening to Butterfly, or "390 degrees! I said free all Japanese!"??

But... uh... this is fun? ;-)

And LOL at 2nd mix mode. Anyone remember? Having to switch back and forth from 2nd to 3rd mix?

Stomp to my Beat had probably one of the best freestyle routines I've ever seen. Anyone remember KidZero? One of the things that made me really sad at AI2 was him failing his routine. I don't even blame him. It's really easy to get off beat right there, when you're doing the right thing and not looking at the machine. And everyone was cheering like crazy. And he failed.

I don't remember who won that tournament, now that I think about it. What do I remember from that tournament? KidZero, Chango, Dinkot, and "Solo sucks anyway"

I wonder where DJ Hung is, anyway. And why he thought that was a good name. o_O

Did Jason Ko perform his AM-3P routine before Santa Monica Pier? I don't even know. But I remember that, at the time, the routine was amazing. I've heard all kinds of things about how it was ripped from elsewhere, or whatever, but ... I never saw it. And it was amazing to pull off. Who the hell freestyles on Maniac? Sure as hell not me.

But I never freestyled anyway. If the 4th mix breaks. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The SMP tournament was amazing. It wasn't all about Axe, or MF2u, or J Dogg, or Osmin Paranoia, although all those things are great memories. It was amazing to me that people would get together to play a game like this. And then going to ... Super Arcade? afterwards.

I met Jason for the first time on my way down to that tournament, and the first memory I have of Mel B. is going to what eventually became AI (I don't remember what it was called at the time). Paper towels and starbursts.

Also, playing DDR for the first time in SoCal, and doing all the double 8 footers in one set. Chango said afterwards "I thought you were gonna fall over". And, of course a preview of his famous SMP routine.

But, for now, Have You Never been Mellow. Which was a whole different routine. Which I think I unintentionally "bit" later.

The first song anyone played, because, well, it was the only 1 footer in the game. And more than hard enough if you've never played anything like it. I did somehow manage to pass it.

The first time I played was actually not in California at all, it was in Las Vegas, at Gameworks, before the 1st Sega Dreamcast championships. Passed HYNBM, failed Boom Boom Dollar, like I did for several games after that in California. The championship I somehow got $2,500 for, even after dying 3 times. I felt really sorry for... wow. I can't remember. Steven ... ___. >_< This really bothers me, actually, since I remember him and he was really cool. I saw him again while I was in SoCal that first time, actually. He was part of the "Sore Losers Video Game Club", and they held a different DDR tournament that would never work now... people were eliminated from the tournament when they couldn't pass a song. Can you even imagine that now? Almost everyone who is competing seriously can pass everything.

Man, that pisses me off. I can't remember his name.

Shao? Steven Shao?

Yay! That was it. Hooray Google and... o_O

Anyway. Back to DDR, I think.

Uh-oh. "Let Them Move". Hahah. I have a lot of "worst songs in DDR", and this is definitely among them. Does anyone actually like this song?

"Let Them Move" "worst song ever" = 321 hits on Google. it's like 321 stars, but different!

I wish that Strictly Business had been in more versions of DDR. Although that's not necessarily a very good song either. ;-) At least it had a lot of spins.

Let's Get Down is another one of these remixes that just came out of nowhere for me. "Now party people, who got the bounce?" I tended to ignore these songs a lot, unless someone else was playing and they wanted it. Not that I played on a real 2nd or 3rd mix machine that many times. I was always playing things like Paranoia KCET or something. Har.

But My Fire? Everyone played that song. Well, again, because you had to, right? But I think songs like this remind me of exactly what I really liked about being able to go to SVGL. The chants, the clapping, the shadowing (yeah, shadowing, remember shadowing? Does anyone do that anymore?)

"Relight my fire *clapclapclap*"

What the hell was up with that car on Get Up n Move?

duhduhduhduh. Get up and move!

I think this song was much more interesting on maniac (heavy? psh) double. Although I don't actually remember when the maniac double steps were created. 4th mix?

I celebrated 20, November for a number of years. I didn't last year. And definitely not 19, November. What the hell was up with that song, anyway? 19, November. >_<

Maybe this year I will have to revive the tradition somehow.

20, November was much more a beatmania song for me anyway. I was (and still am) horrible at that game.

"This is a great song. Dance, baby!"

Boom Boom Dollar. LRLRLLLL. heh

Makes me remember the routine from SMP. And how they actually cleaned up the stage afterwards. Mr. Goggles and... um... someone. Wow, I'm really bad with names today. I listened to the Goggles remixes of some of these songs for years. And, you know, I still don't know the words to this song.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Shut it like a bumper?
Boom Boom Boom Boom Back to the world now?
Boom Boom Boom Boom pushing all the buttons?
More time?


Knowing the lyrics for half of these songs is an exercise in frustration. Of course, it's probably better if I don't know. I'd probably have to go have t-shirts made or something.

If you were here with me. I think I'd rather be there with you. Being in Madison feels like it did the first time I left. Especially today, for reasons I'm not going to pollute this post with. In California, I really had no problem shutting myself up in a room and never coming out, except for work, if I felt like it. This comes with living in a motel. ;-) I lived in that motel for 5 months, at $260 a week. And it was great times. It makes me wonder why I left. But I know why I left.

Was B2U the only song in first mix with 16th notes in it? No, there was AM3P too. Maybe something else.

MF2U was a routine that kind of amazed me, mostly in that it was so "hey, world? Fuck you. And your little dog too." And the only way I'd ever done that before was holing myself up in my room and not interacting with anyone.

Dance like no one is watching. That was more like "Dance like I don't give a fuck. Which I don't."

I also wonder what happened to Chango. And Axe. And my copies of Tampopo Arcade I and II, which I never got sent, fuckers. ;-)

Oh well.

Trip Machine. It makes no sense, but I always thought it meant trip as in fall down machine, not trip as in drugs machine. Although the latter sense definitely makes more sense. I screwed this song up soooo many times. Even when I was at the point where my set was AM3P-Trip Machine-Paranoia, as opposed to HYNBM-BB$-Butterfly.

Well, time for 3rd mix.


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