No One Really (noonereally) wrote,
No One Really

Classes and contemplations

Astronomy: Heaven help me from sleeping in that class. >_<

Computer Networking: Heaven help me from sleeping in that class too, although the professor seems good.

Building a Brain: This class seems like it's going to be a lot of fun.


So I saw that the Choral Union is doing Mozart's Requiem and Szymanowski's Stabat Mater this semester. I filed it away, but didn't think about it... I haven't been able to do a choir for years because of my 2nd shifty schedule.

But now I'm on 3rd...

I'm tempted. The Requiem is beautiful, the Stabat Mater is haunting. The question is, can I survive on that little sleep? It would look something like:

Monday 8:00a - Get off work, go home
Monday 9:00a - Go to sleep
Monday 6:00p - Wake up, go in
Monday 7:30p-9:30p - Choir
Tuesday Midnight - get to work
Tuesday 8:00a - Get off work
Tuesday 8:30a - Go to Union South, nap for 2 hours
Tuesday 10:30a - Wake up, go to classes
Tuesday 5:00p - Finish classes, go home, DIE.

Besides, I don't want tidesong to know I can't sing anymore. ;-)

I'm kidding. Ok, not really.

Anyway, I guess I have a day to think about it.

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