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Fun with Japanese translation

Now, some day, I hope to learn Japanese. For now, I am stuck with using dictionaries and guessing any time I need to read something.

So I've known for a while that Google has tools to help translate things in other languages, but I just recently learned that you can send things to bots on google talk, and they will attempt to send you translations.

As a CS major, I fully understand the difficulties of creating an accurate translation tool, and I am by no means mocking the people who wrote this stuff. However, it is always entertaining to see what comes out...

So, I started with, which is the Japanese to English one...

me: konnichiwa
ja2en: konnichiwa

Ok, so I have to use actual Japanese script... I will provide romaji for people who cannot read the Japanese characters.

me: こんにちは (konnichiwa)
ja2en: Hello
me: すごい (sugoi)
ja2en: Wow

So far, so good.

me: にほんご (nihongo)
ja2en: ENGLISH

Not so good...

me: 日本語 (nihongo)
ja2en: Japanese
me: 猫 (neko)
ja2en: Cat
me: 分かりません (wakarimasen)
ja2en: I do not know
me: わからない (wakaranai)
ja2en: Do not know

So, alright, we're cooking along, it's doing pretty well, except for ENGLISH. Let's try sentences.

Now, the problem here is, my Japanese is also horrible. I wanted to try to say "I left (forgot) my book on the Shinkansen." Whether I was doing it right or not, the translations were... fun.

me: 私の本は新幹線に忘れてしまいました (watashi no hon wa shinkansen ni wasurete shimaimashita)
ja2en: I forgot my book is the Shinkansen
me: わたしのほんがしんかんせんでわすれてしまいました (watashi no hon ga shinkansen de wasurete shimaimashita, all kana, no kanji)
ja2en: Shenyang is warm in my forgetting my KANSEN
me: 私の本が新幹線で忘れてしまいました (watashi no hon ga shinkansen de wasurete shimaimashita, with kanji)
ja2en: This is my bullet train to forget
me: 私は本を新幹線で忘れてしまいました (watashi wa hon o shinkansen de wasurete shimaimashita)
ja2en: I'm at a bullet train to forget
me: 私はほんを新幹線で忘れてしまいました (watashi ha hon wo shinkansen de wasurete shimaimashita, hon in kana, not kanji)
ja2en: I have a bullet train to forget Books

So, of course, now I have to try en2ja...

me: I left my book on the shinkansen
en2ja: 私は新幹線に左に私の本 (watashi wa shinkansen ni hidari ni watashi no hon...)
(So, the amusing part here is "hidari", which is left as in "left or right")
me: I forgot my book on the shinkansen
en2ja: 本を忘れた新幹線 (hon o wasureta shinkansen)
(... which is like... I don't even know. The book on the forgotten shinkansen, maybe?)

I think, perhaps, we still have a long way to go...

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