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Mana Khemia 2 Fest Introduction

Time for another fest! And time for another canned email, stolen from
last year's posting, hoo!

If you are on this list, it is because you were sent email from last
year's list. If you do not wish to be sent more emails concerning
Fest, please let me know.

For anyone receiving this email/post that may not be familiar with the
concept, Fest is an event, started at the time of FF7, where we get a
bunch of people together with their TVs and game systems, and play
through a game together. The game this time is Mana Khemia 2.
Usually, we do very little else (but will occasionally go out to eat, or
do walks, or things like that)

What: Mana Khemia 2 Fest!
Who : All of you! But, see a note below.
When: Setup will be on the evening of Saturday 12/26/09. After setup/dinner, we
will have some sort of gaming competition, to be determined. Fest will
start on 12/27/09 whenever we drag ourselves out of bed (probably 10 am
or so) and we plan to allow people to play until Sunday 12/31/09 (or possibly later)
Right now, we don't have an estimate for game length, but it is likely to be shorter than the Persona fests.
Where: Probably Curtis' house, Madison, WI.
Why: To play through a game together in good company, and listen to Lucas talk about bees! And possibly thighs.

Fest demands that you have not played the game beforehand. There is an
exception for Japanese versions of the game, but generally, it is more
fun if we are all discovering it together.

People generally commit to staying for the entire time. There will be
sleeping space, although there may be a limited number of
couches/beds/etc, so you may want to bring a sleeping bag, etc. We
will discuss more in detail what sorts of things you should expect to
bring in upcoming posts/emails

This email/post is basically to establish interest. Please
reply/comment if you are interested in attending or receiving
continued information, or if you have any questions. More detailed
posts will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Please forward this to anyone you believe would be interested. Note,
however, that we have a space limitation of about 16 people, and 9
slots are already taken, so PLEASE if you are interested, reply early.

Cheers! -Eric

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