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NOR is not an electrical genius.

So, I'm walking home today...

And I think "What could possibly have caused the right pad of the DDR machine to fail so badly? It worked just fine when the machine was working before... and all I did was replace the CD-ROM drive."

"It seems like an electrical problem... obviously a sensor isn't bad, since the pad is going all on, or all off, and two are just rapid-firing"

"Wait a second... weren't there two wires back there that I wasn't sure which way to plug them in?"

"I wonder what would happen if I switched those around?"

"What's the worst that could happen? I could blow up the machine and owe Curtis $2700. Sure, why the hell not."

I am now in half-possession of a fully functional DDR 8th mix machine. FINALLY.

It just annoys me that it took me 3 days to think of this. I mean, what's the first rule of freaking tech support? "When did it stop working? What has changed since it stopped working?"


I'm going to sleep now. I have a calc mid-term in 8 hours which I could possibly pass if I'm well rested.

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