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In other news...

I downloaded all of the Tournamix DWIs this weekend, from 1 to 4+. Wow, I never knew people could make such craptastic pieces of shit.

I also overslept on the bus for the second time ever. Ended up at the square, when I meant to stop at the bottom of state street. Thank goodness for lots of buses running early in the morning.

Maybe I'll find out how I did on my CS midterm today, but I doubt it.

Today is looking like it is going to be a difficult day, and this is looking like a difficult week. Japanese paper due, I don't even know what I'm writing on yet... 3 days from now. CS program due in 2 days. Schedule changed this week so I can meet a QA upper manager.


... I guess I'll just have to keep the beats strong, and the nights long...

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