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auriplane: youre mean:-)
ekjellma: Awww I am not. =(
auriplane: aw
auriplane: im sorry i so thoughtlessly accused you of being mean;-;
auriplane: *hug*
ekjellma: aslkdjfa
ekjellma: Hahaha *hugs*
auriplane: HEE
ekjellma: I could be mean!
auriplane: realllly
auriplane: could you now. ;-)
ekjellma: And being meaner by making you think I'm sad because you called me mean.
ekjellma: That would be mean!
auriplane: aw
auriplane: dun be mean by making me sad by making me think that youre sad because i called you mean!
auriplane: thats mean!
auriplane: ;-)
ekjellma: Are you trying to be mean by making me think that you're sad because I'm making you think that I'm sad because you said I was mean?
ekjellma: that's mean!
ekjellma: =P
auriplane: nooooooooooooo
auriplane: im nice.
auriplane: XD
ekjellma: Oh, ok. =) It must just be me, then. =)
auriplane: heeeeee
ekjellma: This log is so going in my LJ. =P
auriplane: hug.:-)
auriplane: heeeeee
auriplane: including the part where you tell me to wear puffy spider lingerie??
ekjellma: No, probably not.
ekjellma: I wouldn't want to seem mean, or something. =P
auriplane: HEE

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